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Re: "Joined-Up" News Search For Grown-Ups Via Linked Data

May 6, 2010

While reading Tom Murphy‘s post Wanted: “Joined-Up” News Search For Grown-Ups Via Linked Data, I thought about talking a little bit about a project called Scooner that we are working on at the Kno.e.sis center.

In his post, Tom Murphy comments on the “magic of the Semantic Web”:
“Perhaps separate pieces of data that we thought up until now as having no relation to each other are perhaps related by unknown connections hidden away from our awareness. Through the magic of the Semantic Web we have the possibility of increased serendipity and the making of vital life-enhancing connections, in the same way that talking to a complete stranger can reveal a mutual acquaintance.”

Our implementation of Scooner adds a new interaction layer to regular web search pages (we use Yahoo! Boss as search engine). The aim is to make some of those “hidden links” explicit to help you interconnect separate pieces of data that you might not have thought of as related. It brings “more information on a topic” present in sources like DBpedia (we use Openlink’s Sparql Endpoint) and lets you navigate to those related topics, enriching your searching/browsing experience.

But Scooner also goes beyond “the stuff we know about”, and “talks to strangers” in order to bring you closer to serendipitous encounters. Through the Dynamic Linked Open Data extension, Scooner obtains trending topics – we use Twitter’s Search API to extract co-occurring entities to point you out to interesting, new, trending, often unexpected connections.

For more information, you can read our papers or check out the presentations:

  • Semantics-Empowered Text Exploration for Knowledge Discovery
    [ paper, video demo, live demo ]
  • Dynamic Associative Relationships on the Linked Data Web. [ paper, poster, slides ]
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