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Linked Data, where databases meet the Web

December 28, 2010

Ricardo Baeza-Yates was interviewed at ICDE’2007 where he commented on the intersection of Databases and Information Retrieval (IR) research. Although he was not talking about Linked Data explicitly, looking back at it now, it is clear how relevant his comments are to Linked Data enthusiasts now:

“We are at a point of confluence on the integration of databases and IR.  … We have different views of the same problem, and both are valid.  Today,  there is much more  unstructured information than structured information.   On the other hand,  with structured information you know  much more, so you can do more complex things.  There are both pros and cons on every side.”

“…one of the main  open  problems  in the web: how to  do good ranking, especially when you have different sources of data and evidence of quality—such as how people use it, how people created it, how people comment on it, and so on.”

Source: ACM SIGMOD Record interview


The problem of ranking information from different sources of data and evidence of quality is one of my current research interests.

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