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LOD2 Indian Summer School Project Ideas

September 13, 2011

I will describe below a few very simple ideas that could be done in a few hours of dedicated work. They mainly focus on how one could use DBpedia Spotlight in order to enhance content and enrich user experience. They are presented in increasing complexity, and they cater to varied skill sets.

1) Links to complementary information. Implement a “More about this” function, where users can find explanatory information about concepts or entities that they do not know in a piece of news or educational material. While reading the text, a user can use the mouse to select some text in the page, getting a popup with DBpedia Spotlight suggestions for what that selected text can mean. Suggested background: Javascript, jQuery, JSON, CSS

2) Faceted browsing of blog posts. Many current CMSs and blogging systems (e.g. Drupal, WordPress) already allow people to manually add tags to their blog posts. These tags then appear on the right-hand side of the screen, and readers can click on them in order to obtain more entries annotated with the same tag. Similarly, one could call DBpedia Spotlight to “tag” posts with DBpedia entities, which then could be shown on the right-hand side of the screen for people to get more posts with the same entries. Moreover, the types (e.g. people, organization, sport, etc.) of the entities could also be used as tags, maybe in a different “tag box” allowing more coarse grained filtering of posts. Suggested background: javascript, jQuery, JSON, CSS, WordPress / Drupal

3) Rich snippets on Google. Search engines started to display info from annotations. DBpedia Spotlight can generate annotations with You could implement a “result formatter” in DBpedia Spotlight to generate Microdata annotations and, and show a preview of how Google would interpret this using the Google Webmaster Tools. Suggested background: Java, Scala, XML, Maven2

4) More expressive filtering of information streams. Twarql allows users to use tweet annotations in order to filter tweets based on more than just keywords. DBpedia Spotlight could be used in Twarql’s pipeline to extract DBpedia entities and enable expressive filtering of tweets to avoid information overload. Suggested background: Java, RDF, SPARQL

These are initial ideas that could be expanded with other cooler (but more time consuming) ideas that I have. So if you adopt one of these and want to expand, feel free to shoot me an e-mail. If you need tutoring, I am available on Skype until Wednesday night, and in person on Thursday and Friday.

Happy coding!


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