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Re-scanning only one page and updating pdf

December 10, 2012

Sometimes you are asked to print a document, sign and send back by e-mail. If it is a 25 page document, you don’t want to scan everything again. You can work only on the pages that need your signature.

1) Break the input PDF (unsigned) into pages. Assuming 25 pages in the original doc (large-document.pdf), do:

for i in $(seq -f "%04.0f" 25) ; do pdftk large-document.pdf cat $i output pg_$i.pdf ; done

As a result, you will get one pdf file per page, where the output is named pg_0001.pdf for page 1, …, pg_0025.pdf for page 25.

2) Print the only pages that need signature, sign and scan. For page 25, save as scanned_25.png

3) To convert the png to black and white, go to Gimp 2.6, menu “Tools / GEGL Operation / c2g” (color to gray). See:

I also had to resize the images to 8.5 x 11 inches (US letter size).

4) To convert a signed page (scanned_25.png) to PDF use ImageMagick. Use the right file name so as to substitute the old pages (unsigned) by the signed ones:

convert -size 8.5x11 scanned_25.png pg_0025.pdf

5) To glue it all back together:

pdftk pg* cat output - > pg_all.pdf

On Windows, you can do that via Cygwin. Just make sure to install all necessary packages, including pdftk, imagimagick, etc.


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