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When the term Big Data dies, what comes next?

February 27, 2013

Technology executive John De Goes points out that the term “big data” has been abused for overselling just about any data product, and indicates new, more instructive terms that the industry should focus on:

As the industry matures, there won’t be a single term that replaces the big data moniker. Instead, different tools and technologies will carve out different niches, each more narrowly focused and highly specialized than the universal sledgehammer that was big data.

The list includes:

  • Predictive Analytics: employing advanced techniques in statistics, machine learning, pattern recognition, data mining, modeling, natural language processing, and other fields to identify and exploit patterns.
  • Smart Data: heavily relying on predictive analytics to monetize large volumes of data
  • Data Science: extract meaning from large amounts of data to create new data products — e.g. employing predictive analytics 
  • NewSQL: highly-scalable distributed SQL systems, a child of the good old RDBMS with the new and rebellious NoSQL.
  • Other trends: streaming analytics, NLP, multimedia mining, in-memory storage and computing grids, and graph databases.


If you want to learn about Big Data or influence its future in Europe and beyond, come join us in the discussion at the Big Data Public Private Forum project.

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